Tryotel to see 500pc revenue growth by 2022 : Managing Director

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Dhaka : With exponential growth, the new talk of the town among the country's online travel agencies, Tryotel expects to witness 500 per cent revenue growth by next year, said Yami M Saleh, Managing Director of Saimon Global, who has launched the OTA.
Saimon Global launched both the OTA app and website- Tryotel with B2B and B2C services this year. It has an inventory of 800 plus airlines, all major full service and low cost. 
Currently, most of the sales of Triotel taking place are flights on domestic routes and to US, Europe and Canada internationally.     
"By 2023, Triotel will be one of the leading OTAs in the country with a market share of 20 per cent," said Yami M Saleh.  
The launching of the OTA follows the Managing Director's effort to drive technological advancement and diversification through the travel services and operations of the company in the next five years with its own in-house developers and IT team.
As part of it, the company also launched a telemedicine app last year, which turned out highly successful and essential amid the pandemic when medical travel was halted. The app named Takemed allowed patients to even consult online with doctors and hospitals abroad.    
Tryotel and Takemed's parent company Saimon Global, mainly, offers non-immigrant and immigrant visa processing and consultation services, under Saimon Group. 
"It is the only Bangladeshi company to serve the embassies directly, namely US, Thai, Spain, Singapore and Dubai through Emirates," said Saleh. 
Additionally, next year, the company is launching visa services for UK and Canada too. There has been a growing demand for travel to these counties and travellers want a reliable company to handle the visa processing for them. This is where Saimon Global comes in.
The company also offers corporate travel services to giant multinationals like World Bank, HSBC, US Embassy etc, mentioned Saleh. It may be mentioned here, Saimon Global is the principal representative or the local partner of American Express in Bangladesh. 
Additionally, Saimon Global is the General Sales Agent of Singapore Airlines (passenger), United Airlines (passenger) and Kenya Airways (passenger and cargo). The company is also the PSA of Qatar Airways for Sylhet and Chattogram.  
Yami M Saleh joined Saimon Global in 2011 as business development director and in 2015, he became the managing director of the company. 
Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Saimon Global had to make do with 40 per cent business capacity compared to the pre-pandemic times. Currently, they are witnessing growth in travel to US, UK and Canada from Bangladesh. 
"We did well because we cater to corporate and they are all multinationals. Even though corporate travel was less amid the pandemic, still there was tractions. And now it is picking up," said the Managing Director. 
Yet, the company's growth has been 300 per cent from 2015 till 2021, said Saleh. 
But the travel slump witnessed in the pandemic, will require time to recover. Countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Europe, need to reopen first. And they are reopening gradually to vaccinated travellers, said Saleh. 
Hence, from the middle of this year there has been a travel uptick, claimed Saleh, adding, vaccination rollout is crucial in this regard. 
"Most people will be vaccinated by December 2021. Hence, from 2022, most countries will start accepting us. Even new airlines will be coming into the Bangladesh market from 2022," said Saleh.
"Therefore, next year will lead to an influx of travellers of all sorts - tourists, medical, students and business," concluded the Managing Director of Saimon Global. 

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