Chinese passenger saves a follow traveler on United

-A Monitor Report 01 Nov, 2017  |    -      +
Beijing : A Chinese passenger on board a United Airlines flight is being hailed as a hero after saving the life of a passenger who possibly suffered a stroke mid-flight, reports a local daily.

Responding to an in-flight announcement for a doctor, Dr Wu heeded the call, determining the man in his 50s likely suffered a stroke.

Wu Xiaobo, a thoracic surgery doctor with the People's Hospital of Wuxi, was flying to Los Angeles on September 29, when a fellow passenger fell unconscious and began vomiting.

"Cerebral infarction patients may suffer another stroke, and possibly die, if they don't receive timely treatment," said Wu.

He recommended an emergency landing, and two hours later, helped escort the stricken passenger off the flight in San Francisco.

And this wasn't the last time the doctor was called upon to help out a fellow air traveller.

Heading back to China on the same trip, Wu Xiaobo helped assist a female passenger who passed out on his China Eastern flight on October 10.

The young lady fainted, but managed to regain consciousness with the help of the doctor.

Asked about the incidents, a humble Wu Xiaobo is being quoted by the Daily as saying simply that it's "what a doctor is supposed to do."

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