Rigs Café quality food at affordable prices

-A Monitor Report 01 Nov, 2017  |    -      +
Dhaka : With the slogan "dedicated to quality food', Rigs Café, a corner of Rigs Group set off its journey, much to the good news for the dwellers and working people at Tejgaon Industrial Area. Offering mouthwatering food at affordable price, the Cafe indeed came as the blessings for the people of this area, largely known for the various offices and industries.

It is a great place to try out simple and reasonable prices multi-cuisines with some exquisite offers, best services and warm hospitality in a beautifully grand atmosphere. Modern, yet simple decoration creates a magnificent view and makes it a sight to behold. It's more fascinating with some music played in low volume.

They have all delicious foods which foodies definitely would like, starting from appetisers to desserts for all the three meal times_ breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. Rigs Café offers all types of food_ Thai, Chinese, Indian, Continental and traditional Bangladeshi.

MH Shohag Arman, Head of Operation, Rigs Cafe, said, "We have simple menu, economic price and all our dishes are made from fresh and high-quality ingredients and we maintain high standards of hygiene. We always maintain and provide food security. Be it lunch or dinner, our mouthwatering dishes are perfect to satisfy your appetite."

Our slogan is 'dedicated to quality food', he said, adding. "we never compromise with the quality."

"We started journey of Rigs Café in April this year. We observed that there was no quality food café in this area whereas there are universities, medical colleges, corporate offices, newspaper offices, satellite television stations and various industries. The people of this area need to go far away if they want to have quality food. So, we thought a quality food cafe

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