ATAB starts short course on reservation & ticketing

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Dhaka : ATAB Tourism and Training Institute has started a certificate course on Reservation and Ticketing for the first time with the approval of BTB and equipment and financial support of ILO.

The inauguration programme was held at ATAB Head Office on November 21 with the four-month-long course starting the subsequent day.

SN Manzur Murshed (Mah-bub), the newly-elected President, ATAB was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony and Md Serajul Islam, Representative, ILO and SM Shahjahan, Deputy Director, Bangladesh Technical Educa-tion Board (BTEB) were present as special guests.

President of ATAB SN Manzur Murshed (Mahbub) said, "We need huge expert and skilled manpower in aviation industry in our country, which is why we decided to start this course. Our mission is to build a skilled manpower in this industry."

"Many people of our country go abroad to do the lower-class jobs like cleaners but in our country, in this sector, there is a lot of opportunity to get standard-salary jobs. Those who will take the course they can get a certificate which will be helpful to get jobs locally and abroad."

"From this course, they can gather skills to be able to prepare tour itinerary and airline bookings through GDS/CRS and to be able to understand fare rules and their applications."

"We are starting the four-month course with free of cost and only taking registration fee of Tk 200. ILO is supporting with the technical equipment and financially."

For this course, participants need to have minimum education qualification of A Level or HSC and minimum age 16.

Md Sahjahan, Deputy Director, BTB said, "We will give all the support for the training and if the first batch will does good, we'll then do our best to continue the course."

"It's a really very short course. So, students need to have 90 per cent attendance," he added.

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