Dangerous Goods Regulations Awareness Workshop held in city

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Dhaka : A daylong IATA Dangerous Goods Regu-lations (DGR) Awareness Workshop was held in city on November 15, 2017, at Bangladesh Airlines Training Centre (BATC).

Organised by IATA, the agenda and presentation for Dan-gerous Goods workshop was participated by 40 persons-34 from freighter agencies of Bangladesh and the rest from airlines and civil aviation.

This was the 5th of a series of six DG Workshops that IATA is organising throughout Asia Pacific, with the objective to raising awareness on the proper handling, acceptance and loading of DG shipments in general.

It is expected that the workshop would help better understand how to handle DG shipments, and lithium batteries, and in our own little way, contribute to a safer air travel for all.

It may be recalled that security and safety has been getting a lot of attention recently on DG shipments, particularly in the carrying of lithium batteries, and the concerns it pose when loaded in an aircraft.

And with ICAO adopting many changes in lithium battery as airfreight, there is an even bigger need to get this information across to all relevant supply chain stakeholders that handle lithium batteries. And this also includes lithium batteries carried by passengers.

The workshop began with Parvez Ibrahim, Aviation Solutions Manager, IATA in Bangladesh, outlining the purpose and objectives of the workshop.

David Brennan, Assistant Director, Cargo Safety & Standards IATA and James Wyatt, Assistant Director, Dan-gerous Goods Publi-cations, IATA were the main resource persons at the DG Awareness Workshop in city.

David Brennan provided an update on what has changed in the 59th edition (2018) of the DGR and why those changes are being made, including lithium batteries. This session also touched on future developments in dangerous goods regulations.

James Wyatt, Asst while dealing with DGR products and services, provided a picture of IATA's current DGR products and services and what's planned for 2018.

SM Lutful Kabir, Assis-tant Director, IR and Regula-tions, Civil Aviation Autho-rity of Bangla-desh (CAAB) presented regulatory over-view to explain what regulations are in place in Bangladesh, reference to national legislation, supply chain management, etc.

Mahfuzul Karim Siddi-que, Commer-cial Officer, Biman Bangladesh Airlines outlined the airline perspective of transport of dangerous goods in air cargo. What the airline does to achieve compliance and how they work with the other entities in the supply chain.

The workshop provided opportunities for panel discussion on topics like dangerous goods traing, ecommerce, post/mail, incidents, lithium batteries and passenger baggage.

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