Airlines announce stricter procedures for US-bound passengers

- A Monitor Report 01 Nov, 2017  |    -      +
Dubai : Five global long-haul airlines, including Emirates, has implemented new travel guidelines, such as "enhanced security screening measures", for US-bound passengers effective October 26.

The new pre-screening interviews are in line with a request by US authorities following the lifting of the ban on laptops in airplane cabins for some Middle East airlines.

"Emirates can confirm that following new security guidelines received from the US government, our flights to the USA will be subject to further, enhanced security screening measures," an airline spokesperson told a local daily.

"The new directive requires passenger pre-screening interviews at the check-in counter for originating passengers and at the boarding gate for transfer and transit passengers."

Emirates said that "these measures will work in complement with the current additional screening measures conducted at the boarding gate, including those for electronic devices".

The Dubai-based airline also advised its passengers to allow additional time to be checked-in and boarded if travelling to the US from Dubai International Airport.

An Etihad spokesperson told the reporters that their operations are "normal" at the moment and will give an update on new security measures while the Bahrain-based Gulf Air did not issue any statement yet.

EgyptAir, Cathay Pacific Airways, Air France and Lufthansa are also implementing stricter procedures at the airports.

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