Deshi Meat ensures int'l standard safety and quality, following Halal process

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Dhaka : Deshi Meat is one of the largest as well as state-of-the-art slaughtering flagship houses in the country, introduced by the famous agro business conglomerate Northern Hatcheries Ltd. It is the only international-standard of meat processing, selling, marketing and exporting company in the country, offering a wide variety of meat products such as cattle, goat and chicken meat.

They follow Islamic rituals and ensure the rite strictly in the slaughtering process. They have appointed Islamic Foundation certified professional Imam who is well qualified, experienced and skilled to maintain the entire Halal systems. The Halal certification is done by Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh.

Deshi Meat has the biggest processing plant in Bogra. Equipped with automated technology, it has production capacity of 45 tons per eight-hour shift. The company opened its first outlet at Satmasjid Road at Dhanmondi in the capital.

"Safety and quality is the first and foremost priority of Deshi Meat products. We are committed to produce premium standards of quality. Food safety and innovation are underpinnings of our business in every day," said Humayun Kabir, Managing Director, Northern Hatcheries Limited (Deshi Meat).

"We started our commercial operation of sales and marketing in October 2016. We have set up 17 exclusive display shops at shopping outlets in the city and outside Dhaka. Soon, we are going to meet the meat demand of Chittagong and Sylhet customers. We are in the process to set up another 10 outlets in all metropolitan cities of the country by end of this year," he informed.

"Our mission is to surpass our customers' expectations of international standard meat products and the company's vision is to fulfill the demand of nation, families and the global requirements with trusted meat products," he stated.

"Deshi Meat products comply with all the government statutory and regulatory agencies' requirements to make sure the safety of our products," said Humayun Kabir.

Speaking about the decision to set up such a factory, he said, "I had a dream to develop the meat industry of Bangladesh and convert the nature of the traditional butcher system into state-of-the-art technology based stylish plant through safe, healthy and Halal process."

"I dreamt of setting up such an institution in 1996 when I was in Denmark, where I saw how meat industries operate following international standards. My dream became a reality when I set up a state of the art plant with the modern laboratory facilities from 2012. Last four years we infuse ourself to set up a plant that is as standard as European plant," he said.

"We have set up the specific goals to develop the meat industry as International standard as the target consumer of Bangladesh want to enjoy the different category products taste through hygienic, Halal, safe and healthy ways and our goal is to attain with the customers want, need and demand fill up successfully as well as to develop the image of meat industry of Bangladesh," he added.

Deshi Meat enjoys the international certification and it's meat is qualified by the certificate of FSSC?22000, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP, ISO 22000-205, Halal and BAPA.

The whole quality assurance system is aimed at providing best quality meat and meat products which starts from the selection of disease-free healthy animals and poultry birds by strict ante-mortem examination. Post-mortem examination is also performed to make sure that the animal is safe enough for human consumption.

They also have chemical test facilities to determine water arsenic, iron, lead, chlorine, hardness, TDS and BOD level of water through established procedures. They also determine the ph of meat. They use Lux meter to determine the desired light intensity of different parts of the processing area. They also have different grading standards for meat marbling ph and fat.

"We have plan to increase the outlet outside of metropolitan areas. It's a continuous process and we are getting positive and remarkable feedback of customers. We are exporting to the Maldives, Singapore and Malaysia."

They have 250 staff including sales and marketing team.

Deshi Meat price range is competitive with market rate. They supply meat to many five star hotels and leading restaurants in the city.

"We have frozen items and we also offer "militated" items which we preserve for only six days. Very soon we will provide recipe book which will contain the cooking procedures of the chief chef of The Westin Dhaka," Humayun Kabir concluded.

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