Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden showcases power of healthy, organic food

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Dhaka : Bangladesh's first ever International Healthy and Organic Food Festival was hosted by Radisson Blu Water Garden to give dwellers a taste of delicious and healthy organic food.

To tackle Dhaka's growing health problem and set an example for healthy living and eating, Radisson Blu Water Garden hosted the event titled "Interna-tional Healthy and Organic Food Festival" to remove the misconception that healthy food is not tasteful, and to give people a taste of quality, healthy and organic food available here in city. This festival is the first of its kind here in Bangladesh.

The food festival started from 6:30pm and ended at 11pm every evening from November 21 till 25.

Christoph Voegeli, General Manager, Radisson Blu Water Garden, inaugurated festival. Ahmed Reza, Country Manager, Cathay Pacific, also addressed the opening ceremony.

An associate said, "We would also like to highlight to you the fact that Radisson Blu Water Garden is the only hotel in city which grows its own organic herbs, edible flowers and mushrooms in the hotel premise itself."

Throughout this festival the hotel chefs presented iconic food, prepared with organic and healthy ingredients using less oil, sugar while still being superbly tasty.

The Chefs also showed how anyone can also prepare these items at home.

Examples of such healthy food that were available at the festival were : Sushi and Sashimi prepared with organic brown rice, Japanese Fruit Sushi treats.

Iconic traditional Bengali dishes such as Kachi Biryani and "bhuna" items got a healthy transformation with much less cholesterol and refined sugar whilst still retaining its authentic and traditional taste and flavours.

The hotel also presented vitamin ‘B’ enhanced whole lamb spit on this event. This Vitamin ‘B’ enhanced lamb was "free range." Radisson Blu Water Garden is the only hotel in Bangladesh serving only Bangladeshi "free range" lamb that had been farmed with no hormones or any such chemicals.

The dessert counter including the chocolate fountain was sugar free and was sweetened by Stevia, a natural plant based ingredient native to Bangladesh.

Christoph Voegeli, General Manager, said regarding this food festival, "There is a certain market segment in and Bangla-desh that is looking for more healthy modern style cuisine on a high end scale, however, at the moment there is nothing really to cater for these people, generally these days, the younger adults and now the middle age and elderly crowd are becoming more focused on a healthy lifestyle."

We displayed some of the healthy (and chemical free) products (fruits, vegetables) and imported organic coffee beans from our local partners.

The Lobby and restaurant was decorated with plants and showcases. The entire lobby level was transformed into a place that is reminiscent of a classy Gourmet Shop.

This festival was overseen by Jed Archdeacon, Executive Chef, who is world renowned for his experiences as a Spa Cuisine specialist. Jed's expertise made this festival into a world class event.

Chef Jed also had children from an international school joining in, to show them how great and yummy healthy food can be prepared.

The hotel organied a Raffle draw contest for this event, where participants got a chance to win two return tickets to Sydney, Australia sponsored by Cathay Airways, and a stay at Radisson Blu Plaza Sydney.

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