The Westin Dhaka introduces new menu at Prego

- A Monitor Report 01 Dec, 2017  |    -      +
Dhaka : The Westin Dhaka has introduced a revamped menu at Prego, the signature Italian restaurant. Now guests can relish on their favourite Italian delicacies during lunch and dinner at the Level-23 Italian restaurant which features one of the best views of the city.

The new menu adds a lineup of some tantalising new dishes in the salad, soup, main course and dessert section.

The salad section adds prawn salad with avocado, squid and lemon dressing, antipasto with beef salami from traditional Roman cuisine. Classic Italian tomato soup and scrumptious green mussel, prawn and squid soup with red bisque are some of the hot starters that will also delight the guests.

From the rich cuisine of Florence, the main course offers flavourful duck breast tagliata with special sauce infused spinach. Slow cooked rabbit with olives from the Tuscany region, old school lobster thermidor from northern Italy are some of the other specials that are being introduced in the menu. For the pizza lovers there are turkey-mushroom pizza and Siciliana pizza, both made with chef's special tomato sauce, fresh basil and other fresh ingredients.

For the seafood lovers, the new menu brings grilled lobster with herbs and lemon juice from Tuscany cuisine and traditional Italian grilled seafood platter served with roasted tomatoes, mescaline and salsa verde.

For those with a sweet tooth, the restaurant adds inverted ice cream with vanilla sponge and banana split with gelato, strawberry and chocolate in the revamped menu. All the items are attractively priced.

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