Yum Cha District, for Dim Sums and Sui Mais

- Asma Ali 01 Dec, 2017  |    -      +
Dhaka, as it grows and flourishes as a metropolitan city, is being flooded with restaurants and cafes, in recent times. Almost all the neighbourhoods are packed with food joints_ be it a fine dining or a café or a mere street side vendor. The cuisines mainly swirl around Chinese or Indian or Continental, with the most recent addition being Mexican. So, now it's quite a regular feature for the city, that a new restaurant makes a debut every now and then. Yum Cha District is the latest addition to Dhaka's dine-out scenario. When eating out is all about fries and grills and steaks and salads, Yum Cha District has attempted to bring in a fresh new concept. The name Yum Cha (meaning "drink tea" in Cantonese) is derived from the Chinese catering style of serving chai (tea) with a cart full of dim sums, coupled with an array of sauces_ a century-old tradition of the tired travellers on the ancient Silk Road. Here it is slightly different, the cha being the same with the cart being replaced by a menu and a batch of welcoming staffs. The place is a haven for Dim Sums and Sui Mais_ the typical Chinese steamed dishes. These are very light, yet filling, not being an onus on the stomach but then a treat for the taste buds. Dim Sums are small bite-sized portions food, served in small steamer baskets or small plates, with usually vegetable or meat fillings. Sui Mais are dumplings, with fillings. So is HarGow. The menu starts with an assortment of appetizers, where Dim Sums, Sui Mais and HarGows rule the list of entrees. Some of the favourites are Chicken and Shitake Soft Roll, Nori Wrapped Chicken and Prawn, Prawn and Cream Cheese Rangoon. Sticky Rice, Spicy Hakka Noodles, Cantoneese Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl are the main rice dishes. These are followed by a number of beef and chicken dishes_ which are a treat to the palate. The seafood segment of the menu is rich with catches like calamari, snapper and of course prawn. One can opt for a vegetarian meal too, with tofus and kangkong and shitake mushrooms to choose from. Yum Cha is not even a month old, but it has already stirred the taste buds of the food lovers. It only had a soft opening two weeks back. The cuisine tends to show a Pan Asian trend, but it's the blending of the local with the foreign, that cooks up all their delicious Dim Sums and Sui Mais. The neatly done décor has huge glass windows, through which natural light pours in and adds a lot of warmth to the welcoming place. For a cosymeal, that is not stuffy or heavy_ this is the place in Dhaka right now. It's open from 12 noon till 11 pm. Yum Cha District is in Rd 11, Banani, just opposite the Pride showroom, nearby the Banani Bridge. A group of young friends wanted to bring in a different trait to the clichéd restaurant foods of the city. Keeping the health factor in mind, they decided to introduce the globally popular Chineese steamed dishes, very famously known as Dim Sums and Sui Mais as their stellar attractions, and as it looks like_ they have done a wonderful job of that.

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