Partex Furniture, contemporary technology-based furniture for trendy apartments, offices

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Dhaka : Furniture has become akin to fashion. Just as people are particular about what to wear, the well-off and technological conscious young consumers are also choosy about the furniture they would purchase for their apartments and offices as well.

Partex Furniture Industries Ltd (PFIL) is such a concern of Partex Star Group, which started business in 1964 as Manufacturing and Marketing of Particle boards. PFIL itself was established in 1999 and has quickly become an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organisation.

PFIL manufactures a diverse range of Office, Home, Industrial and Hospital furniture made of solid timber as well as timber-substitutes. Within a short span of time the company has been able to claim a sizable portion of the market.

PFIL has competitive advantages for having strong backward integration, i.e. its sister concerns produce particle board, furnitex board, melamine board, plywood, veneered board, PVC board, adhesives etc. At present about 2,000 employees are directly employed with PFIL.

"We offer a combination of timber, special particleboard, engineering wood and decorative plywood making the best quality and cost effective substitute for natural timber for custom-made innovative and stylish furniture," said Sushil Chandra Ghosh, Head of Sales, Partex Furniture Industries Ltd.

"Since its inception, Partex Star Group made a commitment to itself to use eco-friendly materials as much as possible. Currently, we are providing an ever-increasing range of products to meet the greater-than-ever demand of furniture for each segment," he added.

"We are the leading furniture solution provider in Bangladesh achieving our business vision through growth in market reach, increasing operation size, international distribution, total service and consistent branding activities by being most customer-focused and Innovative, cost effective and efficient, environmentally responsible and quality concerned company in the business," he stated.

"We do believe our success depends on our customers' satisfaction. Thus, our primary forget is fulfillment of our customer's needs," he said. So, Partex Furniture Industries Limited focuses not only 'demands' but also the 'needs' of customers. That is why the target group of Partex Furniture Industries Limited is people belonging to the high and middle income group. In addition, we are going to penetrate bottom of the pyramid, which will cater the need of marginal segment of our society.

"We think furniture is one kind of bridge of lifestyle and it is a major and necessity component of lifestyle," Sushil Chandra Ghosh opined.

"We believe our competitive nature is thoroughly ensured as, when we provide highest quality products in the most competitive prices. We are committed to our value in relationship with our stakeholders where our core product is associated with efficient and reliable services. We are very much active on our quality maintain enance because without quality brand, we will simply 'die.”

PFIL believes in maintaining, operating our business in such a manner so that, it is sustainable for the future. We want to combine economic use of wood and create wood substitute products for our furnishing needs and constantly devote our Production, Research and Development to remain environmentally responsible.

"We are committed to conduct our business in such a way that demonstrates highest ethical standards. We believe integrity is our imperative utility to succeed in what we do."

Sushil Chandra Ghosh said, PFIL has 150 outlets throughout the country. However, we are preparing to penetrate upazila level by 2018.

"Finally we are operating highly contemporary technology-based furniture such as UV lacquering process, Laser cut technology and Four Axis CNC technology." Sushil Chandra Ghosh said.

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