Air India Express crew back at work

-A Monitor Desk Report Date: 11 May, 2024
Air India Express crew back at work

Haryana: The operations of Air India Express, which saw its flights getting cancelled due to a now-called off strike by its cabin crew, has started improving today as more crew members are coming back to duty. The airline had even terminated 25 crew members over the agitation.

The cabin crew strike, which began Tuesday ( May 7) night and led to the cancellation of over 170 flights, was called off on Thursday, May 9, evening. Additionally, the airline retracted termination letters issued to 25 striking cabin crew members.

The Tata Group airline had reduced its operations due to the strike. An official stated on Friday that normalcy is expected to return within the next two days.

The cabin crew who took part in the strike are returning to their duties, with Air India Express assisting them in obtaining the necessary fitness certificate required to resume their responsibilities, the official further said.

Besides this, the official added that the majority of international flights are scheduled for the evening, and operations in this regard are anticipated to improve starting from Friday due to the availability of more crew members. On average, the airline conducts 120 international flights and 260 domestic services daily, although there may be fewer flights on certain days.

Air India Express crew protest Earlier, many cabin crew members had reported sick in protest of alleged mismangemnt by the airline and lack of equality in treatment of staff. Due to the crew shortage, the ailrine had to cancel 85 flights or around 23 per cent of its total daily capacity.


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