Amari Dhaka appoints Govnd Joshi as new hotel manager

-A Monitor Desk Report Date: 18 April, 2024
Amari Dhaka appoints Govnd Joshi as new hotel manager

Dhaka: An experienced hospitality professional, Govnd Joshi has been appointed as the new hotel Manager of Amari Dhaka, a 5 star hotel property owned by Karishma Services Ltd.

Having experience in luxury hotels across the globe, Govnd joined as hotel manager of the property in Onyx hospitality from his recent posting in Thailand with the Ascott Group as Hotel Manager in Bangkok.

An Indian National, Govnd Joshi, started his career with Intercontinental Hotels and Resort in India and has over 15 years of hospitality experience in luxury and upscale hotel and resort industry that inclused some of the top tourist destinations and business hubs across the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, Maldives and India with some of the leading hotel brands like Intercontinental Hotels, Kempinski and Minor Hotels. 

Govnd previous roles include numerous managerial positions within hotels like Kempinski Hotel in Seychelles and Dubai, Anantara Resort in Abu Dhabi and Bangkok, Avani Bangkok, Oaks Dubai, Kurumba Maldives, Oakwood Thailand and now he is in Dhaka, Bangladesh for showcasing his exceptional skills with his charismatic personality and commitment to the brand. 

Govnd, completed his MBA from Suffolk University and also studied Hotel Management in India, has remarkable achievements for his significant contributions to the business field and his inspiring leadership.

Govnd’s unique perspective, innovative ideas, and extensive experience will undoubtedly drive Amari Dhaka to new heights of success. His commitment to self-development and team building underscores his dedication to excellence and innovation.


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