Family sues American Airlines after teen finds hidden camera in  airplane bathroom

-A Monitor Desk Report Date: 03 December, 2023
Family sues American Airlines after teen finds hidden camera in  airplane bathroom

Charlotte, N. C – A North Carolina family is suing American Airlines after they claim their teenage daughter found a hidden camera recording her in an airplane bathroom stall during a flight in September.

The family said their 14-year-old daughter found an iPhone taped to an airplane toilet after it was placed there by a flight attendant, according to reports. The lawsuit was filed against both American Airlines and the unidentified flight attendant Friday in U.S. district court in North Carolina.
According to the lawsuit, the incident occurred on Sept. 2 during a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston.

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The girl said she was waiting to use a bathroom near where her family was sitting in the economy section when the flight attendant advised her to use another bathroom in the first-class cabin, the Associated Press reports. The flight attendant entered the bathroom first after saying he needed to wash his hands and, after exiting the bathroom, told the girl the toilet seat was broken.

However, the girl said when she entered the bathroom, she saw an iPhone hidden by red airline tape with the camera flash still on. The girl, who was “shocked and scared” at the discovery, according to the lawsuit, took her own photo of the iPhone taped to the toilet.

The family’s lawyers claim the flight attendant removed the phone and deleted images of the girl before letting her father look through his iPhone camera roll, according to AP.

“These events have left our daughter — and entire family — shocked and profoundly disturbed,” the family wrote in a statement, according to Queen City News.

The girl is undergoing therapy for trauma, according to the family’s lawyers.


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