IndiGo flight takes off within seconds of touchdown at Ahmedabad airport

Monitor Online Date: 25 May, 2023

An IndiGo plane from Chandigarh to Ahmedabad experienced tailwinds during landing on Monday and did a go-around before making a safe landing short while later, according to the airline. Generally, strong tailwinds could make landing unstable for an aircraft.

As per reports, the aircraft was almost close to landing but took off again and later landed safely. In a statement on Wednesday, IndiGo said its flight 6E 6056 operating from Chandigarh to Ahmedabad experienced tailwinds at landing at Ahmedabad airport.

"Keeping the passengers' safety in mind, the Captain performed a go-around and the aircraft landed safely a short while later at Ahmedabad. 

A passenger announcement was also made by the captain to keep all passengers informed," it said. Details about the number of passengers were not available. 


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