Halal tourism & accessible travel identified as'key growth market'

-A Monitor Report 1 Nov, 2017  |    -      +
Dubai : Dubai-based branch of global homeworking company, Travel Counsellors Has identified Halal tourism and accessible travel, as key growth markets.

The top UAE travel trends were unveiled at the My Travel Counsellors' Conference recently. It provided insight into the key booking patterns and destination preferences of its discerning customers.

The company also talked about how the its highly relational business model, which gives its Travel Counsellors the tools and support to provide a tailor-made travel service to their customers, has contributed to a 32 per cent surge in repeat bookings year on year.

The company has also experienced a 35 per cent increase in sales for the travel company over the past three months compared to the same period in 2016, Travel Counsellors UAE manager Maggie Bootsman disclosed at the conference.

"Travel Counsellors UAE is witnessing one of its best years yet and our annual conference provided an ideal platform for unveiling some of the key factors driving this growth," she said.

"Not only are more UAE residents travelling, but they are visiting first-time destinations and seeking niche products and our team of Travel Counsellors, known for their personalised service and in-depth product knowledge, are fulfilling specific travel requirements whether they be cultural, religious or otherwise."

Travel Counsellors UAE was established in 2012 as a joint venture with dnata and is part of the world's largest home-based travel company with 1,700 travel consultants.

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