Boeing eyes new 737 MAX output jump in late-2022

_A Monitor Report  Date: 01 June, 2021 | 164 Views

Chicago : Plane-maker Boeing Co has drawn up preliminary plans for a fresh sprint in 737 MAX output to as many as 42 jets a month in fall 2022, according to reports, in a bid to extend its recovery from overlapping safety and Covid-19 crises.
The plans would lift output beyond an early 2022 target of 31 a month, which reports said Boeing aims to reach in March.
But implementation will depend on a cocktail of factors including demand, the uncertain capacity of some suppliers and Boeing's success in reducing a surplus of jets already built.
Last month Boeing reaffirmed plans to raise MAX output from an unspecified "low" rate to 31 a month by early 2022.
Boeing's efforts to restore production are also tied to the pace at which it offloads an inventory of parked airplanes that swelled during the nearly two years the MAX was grounded.

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