Hong Kong no longer needs flight crew to quarantine

_A Monitor Report Date: 16 September, 2022

Beijing : Hong Kong  removed its quarantine rules for locally-based airline crew from September 10. Under the relaxations, locally based aircrew are now allowed to return home after obtaining a negative test result conducted at the airport upon arrival.
Earlier, the aircrew was required to quarantine at a designated hotel for three nights before returning home. And the three-day enforcement was before the seven-day requirement and even harsher requirements that lasted over a week. 
The strict quarantine measures had resulted in several international carriers suspending flights to Hong Kong and local ones forced to severely reduce flights.
Besides the removal of quarantine regulations, Hong Kong will also cease temperature checks for some passengers at Hong Kong International Airport. 
Outbound and transit passengers departing for overseas destinations via the airport will not be required to have their temperature checked. 
However, inbound passengers for Hong Kong and departing passengers bound for China or Macao will still have their temperatures taken.
According to the Hong Kong Government, the new rules will see more flights inbound and outbound from Hong Kong and revive its stale aviation industry. 
The government said, "It will effectively facilitate airlines to enhance flight services between Hong Kong and other parts of the world, and enable Hong Kong to play its role as an international aviation hub."
Yet, the significant downside remains as scrapping for quarantine only applies to local aircrew, meaning it is still required for passengers and international aircrew to stay in hotels for three nights.

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