No passengers allowed from eight countries including India, Nepal

_A Monitor Report Date: 15 July, 2021

Dhaka : The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh announced on July 5 that international flight operations to and from Bangladesh will continue with revised restrictions. No passengers are currently allowed in Bangladesh from eight countries including India and Nepal. 
The eight countries from which travellers are not permitted to enter Bangladesh are: Botswana, India, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Panama, South Africa and Tunisia.  
Bangladeshi expatriates or citizens who have visited these countries within 15 days of travel to Bangladesh are allowed to travel to and from Dhaka, provided that they have special approval from the authorities concerned. 
On arrival, they will complete mandatory 14-day institutional quarantine at government nominated hotels at their own expense. Proof of hotel booking must be produced during check-in and verified by an airline representative before the issuing of boarding passes. 
All incoming or outgoing passengers must possess PCR based Covid-19 negative certificates. The PCR test should be done within 72 hours of the flight departure time. 
Also, those with international air tickets can travel on domestic routes of the airlines to reach their destinations across the country amid the lockdown.

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