Passengers can now fly more often to Bangladesh from Oman 

Oman has made such temporary air bubble agreement with two more countries - India and Qatar

_A Monitor Report  Date: 16 January, 2021 | 191 Views

Dhaka: Passengers flying out of Oman can now make use of additional flights to Bangladesh. The development comes after the country's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reached agreements to increase the number of flights between Oman and three countries - Bangladesh, India and Qatar.
From January 1, 2021, onwards, carriers of both Oman and Bangladesh have been able to operate 12 flights a week.
This is as part of a temporary air bubble agreement reached by the authorities of both the countries, which in Oman will affect Oman Air and SalamAir, said an official from the CAA.
Similar cooperation has been reached with air traffic authorities in India, said the CAA official. "Airlines from Oman and India operating between both countries will now have a total of 6,000 seats per week in each direction," said the official. He added, "From the Indian side, their operators have the right to reserve these seats for both Air India and Air India Express."
"We will continue to coordinate our efforts with aviation authorities from multiple countries around the world, based on the needs of the travel market," he added.

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