Saudia ranks in top five globally for on-time performance

- A Monitor Report Date: 01 July, 2024

Dhaka : Saudi Arabian Airlines ranked globally among the top five carriers for arrival on-time performance and first with the highest departure on-time performance. As per reports, Saudia achieved a 90.36 per cent on-time departure rate and an 86.09 per cent on-time arrival rate in May 2024 with 15,416 flights.

About the achievement, Engr Ibrahim Al-Omar, Director General, Saudia Group, said, "By utilising the latest smart digital systems in our premium Saudia Operations Building, we manage flight operations with cutting-edge technology. This dedication to efficiency, along with the relentless efforts of our teams who meticulously handle flight schedules year-round and during peak seasons, has resulted in this outstanding on-time performance."

The development follows the successful execution of the first phase of Saudia's operational plan for Hajj this year. It also reflects Saudia's commitment to maintaining punctual scheduled and seasonal flights, connecting over 100 destinations across four continents.

Saudia's modern fleet of 143 aircraft contributes to its on-time performance achievements. The planned addition of 131 new aircraft in the coming years will further enhance operational efficiency and service capabilities.


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