Turkish Airlines operating 797 flights per day even amid pandemic

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Istanbul : Turkish Airlines continues to fly boldly amid the pandemic, operating almost 797 flights per day in the first week of April. 
With one eye on Covid-19 safe operations, the airline has recently been rewarded with an upgrade from the Safe Travel Barometer. Its score of 4.1 puts it fourth in the world for Covid safety.
Throughout the pandemic, Turkish Airlines has maintained as much flying as possible, reaching 200 destinations served by October last year. To date, it remains the most active carrier in Europe, operating almost 800 flights per day, more than double the number of the next most active carrier, Lufthansa.
At the beginning of March, Turkish Airlines operated just over 600 flights per day, but as the summer season progresses, the airline is keenly ramping up operations. In the week ending April 4, it operated an average of 797 flights, an increase of more than 32 per cent from the level flying just a month ago.
In Eurocontrol's recent week 13 update, it was clear to see how significant Turkish Airlines' capacity increase has been. While the overall picture in Europe is one of declining flights, Turkish Airlines layered on more capacity, adding 14.1 per cent additional flights week on week.
Along with maintaining a robust network, Turkish Airlines has been working hard to ensure a safe travel experience for its passengers. Since resuming international services in June last year, the airline has implemented all available measures to prevent the spread of Covid on its flights.
Measures undertaken include the disinfection of all high touch items between services, including blankets, pillowcases and textiles. Cabin crew donned full PPE for all flights to and from high-risk areas, and the airline was keen to note that its onboard HEPA filters were adequately employed to remove contaminants from the cabin air.

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