Thai Airways provides best services

Karun Sirarojanakul, General Manager Bangladesh says
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Dhaka : Thai Airways is the market leader among all the airlines flying between Bangladesh and the Thai capital Bangkok. It is the only Thai full-service airline to provide the best services to Bangladeshis.

Not only the schedule is convenient, but also Thai's flying time from Dhaka to Bangkok is only two hours. This explains that Thai provides the most value for money.

Karun Sirarojanakul, General Manager Bangladesh, Thai Airways said this while talking to The Bangladesh Monitor at his office in the city recently.

The General Manager said that Thai Airways has been operating to Bangladesh for the last 54 years, one of the oldest airlines to do so.

He said, "We established our service in the country in order to provide the Bangladeshis to travel from West to East, to visit our land and experience our culture."

Karun Sirarojanakul said, "With our service, morning and night flights, I am confident that not only we can provide the best service to Bangladeshis, but also ensure them and others smooth travel all through our network."

He said, night flights are going very well at the moment. Response from the market is very good. They have got good response from the Business Class passengers.

Thai operates different configurations of B777 in the morning and of A330s at night.

A lot of Bangladeshis prefer to visit Thailand and it is increasing more and more. "I hope we will be able to make travel even easier for Bangladeshis."

Karun Sirarojanakul said that more than 40 per cent of Thai's traffic, travel to Bangkok and the rest onward. Thai has strong presence in South East Asia, north and south (of Thailand) and Europe too, as they have a good network.

Asked to specify segments, he said it is the general practice for all carriers to tap all sections of passengers - leisure, business, VFR students, labour and they tap them all.

On a query about other airlines operating to Bangkok, he said he believes this market has opportunity for all, specially for leisure. "I believe this market has the opportunity for all, to gain benefit from."

Regarding a question about holiday packages, Karun Sirarojanakul said Royal Orchid Holidays (ROH) has readymade packages with itineraries for all types of passengers. It is very convenient for passengers who can plan in advance for a trip - what destination they would fly to, what activities they would like to do there.

"We provide not only air ticket and accommodation, but also accommodation for the whole trip." Planning helps a lot, he added.

ROH has partners to provide special accommodation, if anyone wants them. It also has medical packages, catering to the leading hospitals in Bangkok.

Karun Sirarojanakul said, they have Frequent Flyer Programme "Royal Orchid Plus" which is popular not only among Bangladeshis but also among all the people of the world.

Thai Airways also has mobile-friendly apps which work on all types of phones, he said, adding it helps passengers enjoy all the benefits at the touch of a finger.

After two years working at airports, Karun Sirarojanakul joined Thai Airways in 1989 as Officer and has risen through the ranks to become General Manager.

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