Providing instant solutions, support sets Galileo apart from others

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Dhaka : Galileo is a computer reservations system owned by the UK based travel technology company Travelport. It is one of the top Global Distribution System (GDS) operators in the globe. And in Bangladesh, Galileo holds almost half of the total market share, around 45 per cent, with a year-on-year growth rate of about 9 per cent.

Daraz Mahmud, Executive Director and Regional Head, Galileo Bangladesh and Nepal (Travelport) sat with The Bangladesh Monitor to talk about Galileo's operations, further plans and the current state of the country's travel technology market.

"One of the revolutionary solutions Galileo provides in its travel network is connectivity to online based travel agencies through Universal API. Our uAPI surpasses, in terms of direct access to content and functionality, all the other existing APIs," said Daraz Mahmud.

Galileo's envision of continuous improvement focuses on providing convenience and ease to all their users. In doing so, various premium products and add-ons are procured by Galileo on an ongoing basis and then distributed among agencies free of charge in order to provide satisfaction to all the clients when using the Galileo GDS system.

Providing instant solutions and support sets them apart from other players in the market.

By connecting the agencies and airlines more conveniently through upcoming novel projects, Galileo is set to lead the future of travel technology. People are engaging in more travel experiences than ever before. Galileo intends to provide a one-step-solution that will benefit all sorts of users.

Most of the travel agencies in Bangladesh are offline oriented. However, the number of online travel agencies (OTAs) is gradually rising. In this proliferating field, Galileo is there to provide the unique travel solutions.

Furthermore, a positive trend is definitely noticeable in Bangladesh for adopting travel technology. Nevertheless, the overall travel market is growing. The global travel industry is observing a rise of B2C over the last 5 years. In the next five years, the B2C solutions will certainly reach its peak.

Leading the travel and hospitality market by offering fitting solutions is what Galileo believes is in store for them in the future. "Moreover, Galileo Bangla-desh aims to expand its facilities to all the districts and rural areas of Bangladesh instead of limiting to only big cities to achieve the "Digital Bangladesh" vision," added Daraz. However, that requires travel trade to reach those places.

Such an expansion will definitely improve the travel economy and take Bangladesh to newer heights.

Prior to joining Galileo in 2006, Daraz Mahmud worked at London Luton Airport from 2004-2006 as a Supervisor of Compass Group. They worked as a third party for a foodservice operation together with Easyjet.

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