Travelport's NDC Leadership Council identifies focus areas

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London : Travelport's NDC Leadership Council met earlier this month to discuss NDC developments and technical considerations necessary to successfully implement NDC across the travel industry.

Qantas and United Airlines representatives were joined by counterparts from American Express Global Business Travel, BCD Travel, DNATA Travel and Priceline at the September NDC Leadership Council meeting.

As a result of their discussions, the NDC Leadership Council identified focus areas to ensure the development of an NDC solution that is able to operate at scale across the travel industry. The topics discussed included:

- Architecture and technology representatives will consider the opportunities and challenges of NDC, including latency and asynchronous search with the aim to tackle issues before they arise.

- Given the complexity of deploying NDC for certain travel intermediaries, the NDC Leadership Council will also evaluate how to eliminate roadblocks in making technical changes for those intermediaries, for example consolidators.

Ian Heywood, Global Head of New Distribution, Travelport, said, "Our NDC Leadership Council is focused on discussing best practices in the implementation of NDC and committed to sharing the learnings from our discussions with a wide audience. NDC will be most beneficial if it works for all parts of the travel industry so getting a group of leaders together to identify developments is a productive way to continue to drive the NDC conversation and for airlines, travel intermediaries, corporate partners, and consumers to fully realise the potential benefits of NDC. We're grateful to our airline, agency and corporate partners for lending both their time and their expertise to the Council."

The NDC Leadership Council meets three times each year. The next meeting will take place in Q4 2019.

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