Jayaprakash Nair, Country Manager Bangladesh says

Qatar Airways sees phenomenal overall growth of 60pc

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Dhaka : Qatar has seen a phenomenal overall growth of 60 per cent this year compared to last. Most importantly, the airline's yield, meaning the average ticket value has increased.

Jayaprakash Nair, Country Manager Bangladesh, Qatar Airways said this to The Bangladesh Monitor at his office in the capital recently.

"We are getting more Business Class passengers now. Also, the number of passengers going to Europe, US, Middle East, Africa and other destinations is increasing. Thus, we are getting much better yield. That is automatically reflecting in our overall revenue."

Looking at the markets of Middle East, Africa, America or Europe, Qatar Airways has 35 per cent of market share. "We are the market leader," said Nair.


At the moment, Qatar Airways is operating three wide body daily flights to Bangladesh.

"There are two kinds of operations, one is point to point and another is hub-and-spoke. Our method of operation is the latter one," said Jayaprakash Nair.

In point to point, carriers take passengers from one point to another. But Qatar Airways takes passengers from one destination to their hub Doha and then onward.

The carrier operates a mix of aircraft in Bangladesh such as Airbus A330 and Boeing 777.


The carrier flies to more than 160 destinations, predominantly almost everywhere in US, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand or Far East.

The airline has added nine new destinations in 2019 such as Gaborone in Botswana, Da Nang in Vietnam, London Gatwick and Cardiff in UK, Lisbon in Portugal, Gothenburg in Sweden and many others. "We add 10 new destinations every year."


In terms of Bangladesh, it is considered the fastest growing economy in this region. Hence plenty of business movements are taking place. At the same time, the airline has a lot of employment traffic from this country.

Previously, the employment traffic consisted of labours mainly. However, now there are many IT professionals, medical professionals, engineers and other officials going abroad.

Many students are seen going abroad too for study purposes. Several businessmen and government officials are also going to different parts of the world. Since the country is growing, the reflection is noticeable in business. A lot of investment is coming to Bangladesh, informed Nair.

"There is a saying - Development cannot be stopped. It can only be delayed. Bangladesh is growing fast, marking the best growth this year," said Nair.

Traffic to Qatar

Qatar sees both leisure and business travellers. Also, the next FIFA World Cup is going to take place in Qatar. "This is a blessing as well as an opportunity for us. All the football fans from Bangladesh can go and watch the matches." Nonetheless, plenty of development is happening in Qatar to generate further growth in tourism.

Fleet expansion

Qatar is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. It currently has 226 aircraft in its fleet. This year, they inducted 13 new aircraft. The carrier is bringing more and more A350s. Nevertheless, the airline has a mix of all airbus planes.

They are the first carrier to take delivery of Airbus A350-1000. They have 115 Airbus passenger planes and 87 Boeing passenger planes. Qatar Airways has both long range and extra long range B777s. It also has a cargo fleet of 24 aircraft.

Qatar Airways also has a corporate jet subsidiary named Qatar Executive which has 18 aircraft in its fleet and another 18 on order which it will receive by 2022.


An independent monitoring agency known as Skytrax awarded Qatar as the best airline, best business class and best airline in Middle East in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2019.


Q-suite is a revolution in the aviation industry. Four people can dine in it. The suite also offers fully flat beds. "It is like a moving five-star hotel. It totally revolutionises the concept of travel." However it is not regularly available for the Bangladesh market.

During his 25 year tenure in the airline industry, Nair has been working in Qatar Airways for the last 19 years. He started his career with Saudi Arabia Airlines. Then he moved to Qatar Airways and worked in different stations such as Maldives, India, Nepal, Dubai, Oman etc as the Manager. Finally, he has been in the Bangladesh station of the carrier for the last nine months.

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