Google Maps adds local language feature to help travellers

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New York : Google Maps has launched a translation service through Google Translate. Its Maps app now helps users navigate a place by speaking out a destination's name and address in the local language.

Travellers can use a newly added speaker button next to the place's name and address, and Google Maps will say it out loud.

For a more in-depth conversation, the service links users to Google Translate.

The company says it's using text-to-speech technology to detect what language a phone is using to then determine what a user might need help in translating.

The feature was rolled out in November on iOS and Android devices with support for 50 languages initially and more to be added going forward.

Google Maps also plans to pilot a Local Guides service whereby top guides across nine cities will appear in a user's "For You" tab.

Users can then follow these guides and be presented with ideas on places to go and things to see within Google Maps. The nine cities include London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.

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