Uzbekistan Airways finalises order for one more Dreamliner

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Tashkent : Uzbekistan Airways has finalised an order with Boeing for one B787-8 Dreamli-ner, valued at US$239 million at current list prices.

Uzbekistan Air-ways currently operates two Dreamliners on international rou-tes, including Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and US.

With this new order, the carrier will add five more Dreamliners as part of its plan to modernise and expand its fleet.

"Our companies have been partners for over 20 years and these relations only strengthen with time," said Gennadiy Kharlap, Deputy General Director, Uzbekistan Airways.

"The agreement for an additional Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner supports our development strategy focused on modernisation and expansion of the airline's fleet and network, and marks another great milestone in our long-term cooperation."

The B787-8 Dreamliner can fly 242 passengers, in a typical two-class configuration, up to 7,355 nautical miles (13,620 km).

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