Boeing books 233 order worth US$14.3b in Farnborough

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Farnborough : Boeing booked 233 orders in June Boeing received a total of 233, valued $14.3B after discounts.

Boeing loaded big orders into the order book prior to the Farnborough Airshow.

Each year, Boeing (BA) and Airbus engage in a fierce order battle. In 2017, Airbus won that battle by numbers, but in terms of dollar value, which AeroAnalysis ultimately considers to be more important, Boeing easily outperformed Airbus.

For 2018, Boeing expects order inflow to be moderated. That's a pretty vague term, but it does not make it less interesting to look at orders and deliveries on a monthly basis to assess the overall appeal of aircraft on the commercial market. By looking at the orders, we can see a combination of willingness to commit, with pricing, product, and availability coming together.

Special attention will be paid to the mix of single-aisle aircraft and wide-body aircraft, knowing that a single-aisle aircraft costs roughly half or a third of a wide-body aircraft, depending on the model.

In this report, AeroAnalysis will be having a look at the order inflow and deliveries for Boeing in June 2018. If you have missed the April edition, you can read it here. The article is paywalled but is freely available to subscribers and trial members of the AeroAnalysis Marketplace service.

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