Turkish Airlines serves over 75m passengers in 2018

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Istanbul : Turkey's national flag carrier carried 75.2 million passengers last year, the company has announ-ced.

On a yearly basis, the total number of passengers carried by Turkish Airlines surged 10 per cent in 2018.

Last year, the airline's seat occupancy rate - passenger load factor - reached 82 per cent, improving three percentage points year-on-year.

The number of domestic and international passengers rose by 9.4 per cent and 9.6 per cent, respectively.

"Excluding international-to-international transfer passengers [transit passengers], the number of international passengers went up significantly by 12 per cent," the airline said in a filing with Borsa Istanbul.

"When compared to 2017, cargo/mail carried during the year 2018 increased by 25 per cent, reaching 1.4 million tons," it added.

In December alone, the number of passengers the airline served increased by 0.7 per cent from a year earlier to hit 5.5 million.

Domestic passengers declined by 4.5 per cent on an annual basis to 2.37 million while international passengers increased by 5 per cent to 3.15 million.

Turkish Airlines, founded in 1933, flies to 306 destinations in 124 countries with its fleet of 332 aircraft including passenger and cargo planes.

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