PIA cabin crew told to lose weight or their jobs

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Karachi : Pakistan Interna-tional Airlines (PIA) has reportedly told all overweight or "obese" members of its cabin crew to lose weight in the first half of 2019 or face losing their jobs.

A leaked memo from management was obtained by a Pakistani media that said staff face being grounded if they fail to lose enough weight.

In it, airline bosses said they have decided to "gradually reduce waiver of 30 lbs. excess weight to zero lbs. in upcoming months for the cabin crew."

"If any crew found above 30 lbs. from the desired weight after January 31, 2019, will be grounded and referred to Air Crew Medical Centre for medical evaluation and treatment until weight is reduced up to desired standard/BMI."

"Henceforth, weight check of all the cabin crew will be carried out at their base stations respectively and comprehensive data will be maintained for perusal of management."

A total of 1,800 flight crew members have received the memo, it was reported.

Around 100 people, just over 5 per cent of the crew, would need to lose weight by July 1 to avoid grounding, Mashhood Tajwar, a PIA spokesman said.

He said the weight loss memo was a "regular, routine matter" and that flight attendants had to be "slim, smart and fit."

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