Singapore Airlines now offers unlimited free Wi-Fi in First Class, Suites

_A Monitor Report 16 Aug, 2019 | 338 Views|-+
Changi : Singapore Airlines is now offering free unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi to passengers travelling in First Class and First Suites from August 1. The airline has also increased data caps for other premium passengers.

Previously, SIA used to offer free Wi-Fi to select premium passengers. However, free Wi-Fi was restricted with data caps, even in First Class and First Suites.

Also, passengers travelling in Business Class and select upper-tier elite frequent flyers will receive free Wi-Fi with a higher data cap.

There is free unlimited Wi-Fi up from 100 MB for First Suites and First Class. For business class and PPS Club Flyers, there is free Wi-Fi up to 100 MB (up from 30 MB).

All other passengers still have the option to purchase in-flight Wi-Fi.

Passengers who receive free Wi-Fi access will need to activate their session via the in-flight Wi-Fi portal through the "complimentary access" page.

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