All airlines operating in BD must use taka as head line currency

-A Monitor Report Date: 02 May, 2023

Dhaka : All local and international airlines operating in Bangladesh must use taka as Head Line Currency while setting fares for passenger and cargo transport, effective July 1, 2023.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism made the announcement in a circular recently. 

Till now, besides the USA, airlines operating in only four countries-Bangladesh, South Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan-have been using US dollars as the head line currency while the rest of the world use their own respective currencies. 

Hence, the development, long awaited by the industry stakeholders of Bangladesh, follows their demand of using their own currency-taka-as the head line currency like all other countries do in the world.  

It may be mentioned here that Bangladeshi airlines operating flights to international destinations have to use the respective country's currency as head line currency in their sales centres worldwide. 

Also, all other countries in the world use their own respective currencies as head line currency, except the four mentioned above.

In view of that, MoCAT has mandated all airline operating in Bangladesh to do the same and use taka as head line currency while fixing fares for passenger and cargo transport across their sales centres in the country.

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