Demand for long-haul air travel greater than expected

_A Monitor Report  Date: 01 May, 2021 | 100 Views

New York : Demand for long-haul air travel is greater than expected. Despite travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, it appears that consumer confidence has not been deterred too drastically, as a recent survey industry revealed that 36 per cent of respondents stated that they would consider an international trip to a different continent in the next 12 months, which is eight percent more than the percentage of respondents that stated they would consider an international trip to a country within the continent in which they live.
Due to Covid-19, there has been frequent adjustments made to travel restrictions, and each country has different regulations in place, which means that travelling to a different continent in the short-term will still be risky. These implications can lead to sudden cancelations, and the likelihood of contracting the virus is at the forefront of travellers' minds. 
Concern around the factors above would suggest that demand for long-haul travel should be lower than the demand for short-haul travel, however, this appears to not be the case. This shows how general fatigue created by the pandemic has left travellers adamant that they need a radical change of scenery and may be willing to put considerable concerns aside to achieve this.

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