New MoCAT Minister Faruk Khan pledges Biman's passenger service improvement

-A Monitor Report Date: 16 January, 2024

Dhaka : Further improvement of Biman Bangladesh Airlines' passenger service is one of the main goals of the newly appointed Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism of Bangladesh Muhammad Faruk Khan. After taking charge as the Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism at the Secretariat on January 14, while talking to the media, the Minister emphasised on Biman's improved baggage handling and launch of new routes to profitable destinations.

He further said that the Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry will be moving forward in light of the election manifesto of the ruling Awami League.

Faruk Khan also mentioned the election manifesto of AL has mentioned our commitment to the people. "My first task will be to fulfill our commitment through the work of this ministry."

The Minister said that under the leadership of the Prime Minister, many development works are underway in the aviation sector of Bangladesh.

"My job will be to carry out these development works properly in the light of my previous experience," he expressed.

Faruk Khan said Bangladesh is a country of immense tourism potential. "We will work towards creating new eco-friendly and international quality tourist centers in the country to utilise this immense potential of tourism," he added.

Measures will be taken to increase foreign investment in the tourism industry, claimed the minister.

Also, plenty of work is underway in the private sector for the development of tourism in Bangladesh. Necessary measures will be taken to promote tourism in consultation with them, the minister concluded.

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