Salma Qadeer Shifa, Exec Director, M&C Aviation, says

BD among highest revenue generating countries for cargo carriers

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Salma Qadeer Shifa, Executive Director, M&C Aviation BD

Dhaka : Bangladesh is one of the highest revenue generating country for cargo carriers in the post pandemic era. Implementation of the highest yield band in air freight is a reflection of the massive export business growth and high demand to move cargo.
Salma Qadeer Shifa, Executive Director of M&C Aviation Bangla-desh, Pan Aviation Bangladesh and Managing Director of Gulf Air GSA Bangladesh said this while talking to The Bangladesh Monitor recently. 
M&C Aviation has been the GSA for multiple foreign cargo carriers in Bangladesh since 2005. 
One of the cargo carriers is All Nippon Airways Cargo, Japan's national and five-star airline which has been carrying cargo to and from Bangladesh under M&C Aviation banner in line with interline partners since 2014 contributing significantly in export and import of Bangladesh. 
All Nippon Airways facilitated the delivery of Covid-19 vaccines manufactured in Japan to Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Laos, East Timor, Fiji and Maldives in cooperation with the Japanese Government under the COVAX facility.
On July 24, ANA Cargo delivered the first batch of vaccines to Bangladesh, on July 31 the second batch and on August 3 the final batch. In total, it delivered a total of three and half tons of AstraZeneca vaccines partnering with one of the interline partners for the people of Bangladesh as a gift from the people of Japan. 
M&C Aviation played a vital role in this regard, said Shifa Qadeer, adding, "The transportation of vaccines overcame a number of logistical hurdles where M&C Aviation deployed its full range of expertise and experience gained at the forefront of cargo transportation with the support of Dhaka Airport authorities and Customs." 
About ANA, Shifa said, "Since 2017, ANA has been certified by IATA's Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma). ANA is worldwide recognised for its superb service and on time delivery. It has a wide range of destinations in its network across Asia Pacific and North Atlantic."
On Bangladesh's cargo export, Shifa spoke quite openly about the fastest growth and enormous future opportunities of air and ocean freight as Bangladesh is now the second largest exporter in the world. Projection of the next five years shows 100 per cent growth which is going to benefit country's economy greatly, said Shifa. 
Shifa mentioned her wish to support small and medium freight forwarders in order to ease export for them without having a monopoly in the business. "Only a handful big forwarders get space in this industry while small and medium freight forwarders struggle. But I want to change that trend. Since my joining, every forwarder - small, medium and big - get their required portion of space alternatively from M&C Aviation."
Shifa is the first female leading woman in the aviation industry who became an entrepreneur in 2019 after 13 years of work experience in passenger, cargo and banking sectors. She worked with Etihad Airways, Bank Alfalah and Expolanka Group as HOD where she learned from the best. 
Soon, she will also lead Samitivej Children Hospital's GSA in Bangladesh, nominated by her partners as Director.    

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