DHL Express opens Incheon Gateway, largest in APAC

-A Monitor Report Date: 16 September, 2023

Incheon: DHL Express commenced operations of Incheon Gateway after it invested EUR 131 million to expand the Gateway in 2019. The investment is DHL Express's largest in South Korea to date, making Incheon Gateway the largest gateway in the Asia Pacific.

The expansion aims to address the increasing air cargo demand at the Gateway, as a result of growing overseas trade in South Korea and increase in international express import and export with Asia-Pacific countries, including Singapore, Japan, China, Australia, and Taiwan.

Sean Wall, Executive Vice President of Network Operations and Aviation, Asia Pacific, DHL Express, was present to commemorate the opening of the new Incheon Gateway.

The enhanced Incheon Gateway now boasts a gross floor area of 59,248 square meters - thrice the size of the previous Gateway at 19,946 square meters. The handling capacity is also boosted by over 3.5 times to reach 28,400 pieces per hour.

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