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_A Monitor Report Date: 16 June, 2022

Dhaka : We now find ourselves in a whole new world of travel where innovative technologies need to be embraced. As the world continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic and grapples with new normal rules; regulations, and trends, the travel industry have been evolving at an unprecedented pace, fueled by digitalisation and personalisation. 
In this regard, an industry webinar, 'Get NDC (New Distribution Capability) Ready with Amadeus' was organised on May 25, 2022. This engaging and informative webinar was attended by several travel partners with great enthusiasm. 
NDC is a key strategic priority in the fast-evolving world of travel technology. It is a critical enabler in the larger vision of enhanced travel retailing. It offers innovative and scalable solutions for today and the future.
"NDC (New Distribution Capability) has taken digital travel retailing to a whole new level.  NDC is an open innovation playing field, enabling the industry to anticipate travellers' needs, so that we can tailor their experience to serve them better. Amadeus is pioneering several technological breakthroughs on NDC. The time to start thinking about how to innovate with NDC, is now. It benefits everyone throughout the travel supply chain." 
"At Amadeus, we will continue to work closely with our partners to make sure NDC addresses the needs of all stakeholders. Amadeus has pioneered the travel technology market in Bangladesh since 2003 and we are committed towards an efficient end to end integration," said Rakesh Bansal, CEO, Amadeus India and Subcontinent.  
Key industry insights were also shared by two speakers from Amadeus, Ramona Bohwongprasert, Senior Vice President - India, Southeast Asia and Inside Sales, Travel Sellers, Amadeus and Nitesh Senapati, NDC Growth, Asia Pacific. 
Ramona shared that, "NDC is bringing retailing capabilities to life through richer and more personalised content. Airlines will control the offer to best serve their customers and push localised and contextualised information in real time according to the demand and travel restrictions. Travellers can compare offers and pick-and-choose options that best suit them while travel agencies will have access to a broader pool of services and can create more personalised experiences for travellers." 
Nitesh shared that, "Amadeus offers an unparalleled capacity of NDC aggregation, content harmonisation, servicing, and reliability as well as an ability to manage transactions at scale. We have laid the foundation for travel retailing in our indirect channel, while providing our airline customers the tools and technology to maximise their sales and revenue opportunities in the indirect channel. We want to provide airlines with the tools to provide a seamless, relevant and personalised experience, to build a more responsive and agile industry capable of meeting the ever-changing needs of travellers, with the best possible customer service, contributing to bring confidence back to travel." 
Amadeus is committed to the industrialisation of NDC across the globe. In Asia Pacific, Amadeus has made significant headway with its airline partners such as Singapore Airlines, Qantas, American Airlines, and more in the pipeline, with its content and offers now available to travel sellers through the Amadeus Travel Platform. 

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