Bashundhara Group crowned 'Best Business Conglomerate Group'

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Dhaka : Bashundhara Group, the country's largest business conglomerate, has won the global "The Best Business Conglomerate Group" award 2021 for its outstanding performance.
The Global Economics Limited, a UK-based financial publication and a biannual business magazine has accorded the award, said a media release on July 7.
Every year, organisations and individuals from across the globe are awarded for their contributions to corporate, banking, healthcare, utility, energy, technology and leadership categories.  
The Global Economics Limited published a list of global winners for the year 2021, showing Bashundhara Group on top of the "Best Business Conglomerate Group" segment.
Earlier, Bashundhara Group and its sister concerns got various regional and international awards for their outstanding performances.
The group's three products -- Bashundhara Paper, Bashundhara Tissue and Bashundhara Diapant-also received the Superbrands Award 2020-2021.
The Global Economics Limited awarded Nagad, state-run mobile banking organisation in Bangladesh, for most innovative digital financial services.
In financial category, some of the other recipients of the award are Arab Financial Services, Bahrain; GFH Financial Group, Bahrain; Contact Financial Holding, Egypt; Egabi solutions, Egypt; Odin Investment, Egypt; Tamweely Microfinance, Egypt; Pacific Risk Advisors Ltd, Hong Kong; IFC Markets Corp, Indonesia; Nova Asset Management Finance, Indonesia; Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia; Maybank Asset Management Group Berhad, Malaysia; Aspiria, Mexico; and UNIFIN, Mexico.

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