DBL Pharmaceuticals commences operations

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DBL Pharmaceuticals inaugurating its first production unit at Kashimpur, Gazipur on November 10. Minister of Health and Family Welfare Zahid Maleque, Habib-E-Millat, MP from Sirajganj and Maj Gen Md Mahbubur Rahman, DG of the DGDA seen on the occasion

Dhaka : DBL Group has entered the pharmaceutical industry after enjoying success in its export-based garments and ceramic tiles businesses.
Following the guidelines of US Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organisation and Good Manufacturing Practices, the company set up the factory at the cost of BDT 700 crore in the Kashimpur area of Gazipur. 
The plant was inaugurated by Zahid Maleque, Minister of Health and Family Welfare November 10.
"The number of Covid-19 cases considering Bangladesh's population is low if we compare with many other countries, especially our neighbouring India. Definitely this is a sign of improvement of our health sector," he said.
"We have already stepped into US markets through contract manufacturing by one of our sister concerns, DBL Pharmaceuticals Inc. We are marketing two generic medicines in the US with success," said MA Jabbar, Managing Director of DBL.
"In the near future, we have plans to export products manufactured in this Kashimpur plant to the US along with other developed countries," he added.
Habib-E-Millat, a member of parliament from Sirajganj; Maj Gen Md Mahbubur Rahman, director general of the Directorate General of Drug Administration; SM Abdur Rahman, dean of the faculty of pharmacy at the University of Dhaka; Abdul Wahed, chairman of DBL Group; MA Jabbar, managing director; MA Rahim, vice-chairman; and MA Quader, deputy managing director; were also present at the inauguration.

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