Flight Expert receives top-level data protection certification

- A Monitor Report Date: 02 May, 2024

Dhaka : Flight Expert has obtained the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance certification v4.0 SAQ-D. This certification marks Flight Expert's compliance with global security standards in the payment card industry.

The PCI DSS, established in September 2006 by the PCI Data Security Council, aims to mitigate the risk of fraud by safeguarding cardholders' sensitive data. Flight Expert's achievement of SAQ-D certification underscores its commitment to maintaining the highest level of security standards in the industry, as per reports.

On the development, Salman Rashid Shah Sayem, CEO, Flight Expert, said, "With the evolution of technology, systems have become more vulnerable to external security threats. Hence, protecting sensitive information is crucial to business growth and ensuring customer trust. Our customers can continue using Flight Expert for their travel knowing their sensitive data is secured."

SAQ-D certification is particularly noteworthy for merchants utilising internet-connected payment application systems, such as Point-of-Sale systems, that do not electronically store cardholder data. This classification is considered one of the most rigorous, encompassing over 150 security requirements, including configuration, operations, networks, data handling and more.

Flight Expert ensures that customers' sensitive data is safeguarded with industry-standard protection and encourages them to use the platform for their travel needs confidently.

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