Healthtrip BD organises reproductive health awareness programme

-A Monitor Report Date: 16 March, 2023

Dhaka: A seminar on “Reproductive Health Problems and Medical Solutions" was organised by Healthtrip Bangladesh at Hotel Abakash in the capital on March 11.

India's renowned fertility specialist and successful IVF doctor Dr Reena Gupta (Baby Science IVF Clinic, New Delhi) addressed the seminar which was attended by several city doctors and corporate personalities.

The speakers in the seminar spoke about reproductive health problems and their treatment solutions.

Healthtrip Bangladesh mainly deals with medical tourism. It is working to eliminate all kinds of difficulties for those who want to go abroad for better medical care.

From providing all sorts of information and advice and guiding the medical travellers through the facilities during their stay abroad to taking doctor's appointments and guaranteeing the patients with round-the-clock service facilities, Healthtrip does it all.

At the seminar, Obaidullah Junaid, Co-founder of Healthtrip Bangladesh, said, “The world has advanced a lot in medical science while each country has become specialised in treatment and everyone is now aware of ensuring good treatment. Hence, we are working to ensure access to accurate information and easy access to medical services.”

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