HSBC holds session with country's airline industry

-A Monitor Report Date: 16 July, 2023
Clarice Kwa, regional sales, Global Payments Solutions, Singapore; and Gerard Haughey, Country Head of Wholesale Banking, HSBC Bangladesh, among others, seen at a programme in the capital

Dhaka : Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) recently organised an event titled, "Navigating Digital Payment Landscape in the Airline Industry" for the airline industry in Bangladesh.

The event highlighted the importance of digitalisation for growth and demonstrated HSBC's unwavering commitment towards this industry, read a press release. 

As a leading international bank, HSBC has been consistently investing in innovative technologies and solutions to help its valued clients with a better experience and to ensure the maximised benefit of digitalisation.

At the session, Clarice Kwa, regional sales, Global Payments Solutions, Singapore, HSBC took the stage to showcase HSBC's ongoing digital advancements relevant to the airline industry across the globe.

SSL Commerce, a leading fintech company in Bangladesh, delivered a keynote speech on the past and future of the digital payment landscape in Bangladesh.

Gerard Haughey, Country Head of Wholesale Banking, HSBC Bangladesh, also spoke on the occasion.

HSBC understands that the airline industry faces unique cash management challenges, requiring specialised solutions to streamline financial operations, optimise cash flow, and improve liquidity management.

To address these challenges head-on, HSBC provides a wide array of specialised cash management and treasury services designed exclusively for its airline clients.

These services aim to empower airlines to navigate the intricacies of their financial landscape with ease.

In the Euromoney Cash Management Survey 2022, HSBC Bangladesh achieved the top ranking in both the Market Leader and Best Service categories in Bangladesh.

This is the 13th time that HSBC won the former and the 5th consecutive time that HSBC received the latter award.

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