New refrigerator LG 674 L frost free now out

-A Monitor Report Date: 02 May, 2023

Dhaka : The LG 674 L frost-free inverter refrigerator, one of the latest in the market, is now out. 

The LG 674 L frost-free refrigerator comes with a multi-door design with four panels. One of the panels has a clear view glass, where you can store all your colourful food products like fruits and vegetables. This insta-view panel has illumination, which you can activate by knocking twice. This prevents cold air loss and keeps food fresh for longer.

You get 250 litres of freezer space and a fresh food capacity of 424 litres. You get ample storage for your fresh food, and storing frozen foods and desserts is never a problem. The capacity is ideal for a family or household of five members or more.

One of the most special features of the LG 674 L is the water dispenser. This is a distinct feature of the refrigerator. The dispenser doubles as an ice dispenser and gives out water filtered by UV Nanotechnology.

The hygiene-fresh technology keeps food fresh for a long time, and you can be stress-free about them going bad. Throwing out vegetables because they went bad is not a situation any more. The deodoriser functionality keeps the inside of the refrigerator smelling fresh.

The LED lamps do not add to any heat inside and keep the inside bright. You can never miss out on a food product that is there in the fridge. The child lock in the fridge will keep the kids around your house safe, and you can be sure of their safety.

The refrigerator is priced at BDT 319,900. You will find the product at 

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