Octopi's journey to brand Bangladesh in unique way

- Farhana Naznin 01 Oct, 2018 | 611 Views | - +
Dhaka : Octopi has given marketing a new dimension as it uses the power (of marketing) to brand the local organisations, institutions, corporate companies in an innovative way so that they could gain popularity and reach the doorsteps of people in a short time.

Growing up from a start-up advertising agency in Bangladesh in 2014 to a 360 marketing solution maker with an office in Mohakhali and over 60 talented professionals, Octopi is now a favourite organisation of all who wants to make themselves dynamic.

"We are a full service, communications agency and we work relentlessly till we achieve the best, because we dare to believe in what we do. We believe in the power of communication with a twist of creativity and mix of efficacy and pro-activity. We believe in the miracle of love - where people would fall in love with our brands and services," said Ashfaqur Rahman, CEO and Managing Director, Octopi Communication Ltd.

"We are a bunch of mavericks, who are hungry AD fanatics with a bend-it-like Beckham attitude and we believe in the divine creation of creativity. Because throughout history those who believe achieved it and have changed the world," he said.

What is their way to work is that they make the brand alive with brand development and thereafter they shake the brand with events and execution. Lastly, they project the brand by managing public relations and media.

Worldwide business industry has been following this marketing and branding method for long but for some reasons, Bangladesh business industry remained silent on this issue.

However, the shackle has of late been broken with the country's business entrepreneurs showing the intention to follow this method. Old investors and entrepreneurs also showed their willingness this way.

Octopi is now a household name for those business industries for their unique branding. And why not?

This agency holds an astonishing track record of more than three years of excellence, having 50 plus young professionals, 1000 plus on-demand workforce, 1000 plus events and managements, 3.5 million direct contacts, 300 million plus in yearly revenue and 50 plus global and national clients such as Coca-Cola, Igloo, Nestle, bKash, Aarong Dairy, UNDP, Yamaha, Pathao, Honda, Suzuki, Sprite, LankaBangla, LG and many more.

So far they have many milestone events and nationwide activations under their belt. They have successfully organised the official attempt to break the Guinness World Record of “largest motorcycle logo” in 2018 on behalf of ACI Motors Ltd, sole distributor of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh. Some of their other events include Bangladesh Government: Bangladesh Food Safety Conference 2017, Shreya Ghoshal Melody Night Live In Dhaka 2017, bKash 2.0 App launching and Employee Event 2018, Nestle: Annual Sales Conference 2018, ACI Consumer Brands: Sales Conference 2018, Aarong Dairy: Sales Conference 2018, Freedom Woman's Carnival 2017, Runner 2017 Annual Dealer Conference, Coca-Cola Seheri Night 2016, LG Butterfly Sales Conference 2018, USAID's 'Aponjon' m-Health Service 2018, Igloo Ice Cream Fest 2017, ACI: Annual Agribusiness Sales Conference 2017 etc.

Now, for their activations, they have an amazing portfolio. SMC Pohela Boishakh Free Sampling and Sales Activation 2018, bKash: Ready Made Garment Workers Activation 2017-18, Igloo Campus Fest 2016, Shurjobati 2016 (Lighting Asia Bangladesh is an IFC market transformation programme jointly implemented with Bangladesh govternment), Kinley Ramadan Activation 2017, Harpic D2D Rural Activation 2016, Sprite: New Refreshing Taste Activation 2016, Yamaha Dancing Duo Competition 2017 and many other significant activations of several brands and companies certainly put Octopi in the front line.

Their 360 degree work range consists of direct marketing, digital marketing, telemarketing, B2B marketing, TVC, RDC, press, outdoor, public relations, logo design, event and activation, trade engagement, sales force management, shopper engagement, website development and packaging design.

They have phenomenal 'Octopians' working for greater victory constantly in their agency which has five sectors - ManCom, Admin and Finance, Client Service and Planning, Creative and Studio and Operations.

"We'll encourage you to break the rules, knock things down, rebuild them better and reinvent the impossible. The only question is where and when do you want to start," said Ashfaqur Rahman.

"Now our country's political condition is stable and so our economy market is expanding. Investor doesn't know how to branding their business. Marketing is a method of branding. We are creating wings of marketing following what is going on globally."

"Our vision is to be the best marketing agency in our country and in future we want to be a pure 360 communication agency."

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