Journey of 'Shuddho' with Shwapno

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Dhaka : The country's number one and largest superstore chain Shwapno, with the support of the AVC Project of USAID, has been working with 200 farmers in south delta region since 2017 to educate them regarding the standards of local good agricultural practices (GAP) in vegetable and fruit farming.

As part of this initiative, Shwapno facilitated the farmers by selling their safely produced fruits and vegetables through their retail stores, under the brand name "Shuddho."

"Shuddho" is a 100 per cent safe and traceable agricultural crop brand that promises complete compliance of local GAP standards in its farming process.

This initiative brings a safe and traceable crop brand for the customers and also empowers marginalised farmers by making them aware of good agricultural practices.

A delegation led by Derrick Brown, Director, USAID Mission recently visited the Shuddho project in Shahbazpur, Jessore, to learn more about the process.

Sabbir Hasan Nasir, Executive Director, ACI Logistics Limited (Shwapno) and other senior official were also present during their visit.

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