'Bangladesh Development Fair 2018' held in Bangkok

Thai minister lauds country's robust economic growth

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Bangkok: Hirunya Suchinai, Minister for the Prime Minister's Office, Thailand has commended Bangladesh for a decade of sustained growth and prosperity with a spectacular 7.86 per cent economic growth this year, one of the highest in the region and looks towards a deeper economic engagement.

She made the remarks while inaugurating the daylong "Bangladesh Development Fair 2018" in Bangkok on October 17.

The Bangladesh Development Fair 2018 was organised by the Embassy of Bangladesh in Bangkok to showcase Bangladesh's globally acclaimed sustainable development successes in Thailand.

Organised at the UNESCAP premises, the fair attracted a large crowd including senior Thai government officials, diplomats, academicians, local Thai people, UN officials and expatriate Bangladeshis living in Thailand.

Hangjoo Hamn, Deputy Executive Secretary and Officer-in-Charge, UNESCAP also attended as special guest and praised Bangladesh for its recent eligibility for graduation from the LDC Group. Gemma Van Halderen, Director for Statistics, UNESCAP lauded Bangladesh for leveraging statistics and accurate national development data to showcase and record its Sustainable Development successes.

Saida Muna Tasneem, Bangladesh Ambassador to Thailand, said the fair was designed specially to bring the common Thai people, UN offices in Bangkok and expatriate Bangladeshi community closer to the robust economic growth and social development achievements of our people under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

"We also hope that the Development Fair showcasing the history of our Liberation War and our vibrant secular and inclusive culture will inspire and attract more Thai tourists and investors to visit Bangladesh," said the Ambassador.

The daylong fair showcased 15 exhibition booths on Liberation War history and the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh's as Asia's growth leader, Bangladesh the Role Model for social inclusion, Digital Bangladesh and Industry 4.0, Bangladesh Migrant Workers, pride of the nation, Bangladesh Championing sustainable Agriculture, Fisheries and Tourism, Bangladesh leading the women empowerment agenda and Bangladesh on path to graduation from LDC and Bangladesh-Thailand friends and neighbours at the Bay of Bengal.

The embassy decorated the UN Office premises in Bangkok colourfully with many exhibition booths, festoons and banners holding Bangladesh flag, national colours, and portraits of Bangabandhu and served an array of delicious Bangladeshi food, which was appreciated by all.

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