Amari Dhaka appoints Govnd Joshi as Hotel Manager

- A Monitor Report Date: 02 May, 2024
Govnd Joshi

Dhaka : Govnd Joshi has been appointed as the Hotel Manager of the renowned star hotel in the capital Amari Dhaka owned by Karishma Services Ltd.

With an illustrious career across luxury hotels worldwide, Govnd joins as Hotel Manager of the Onyx Hospitality property in the capital's Gulshan area.

Prior to this, Govnd played the role of Hotel Manager at one of the properties of Ascott Group in Bangkok.

Throughout his 15 years long celebrated career in hospitality, Govnd worked across Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Maldives and India with some of the leading hotel brands like Intercontinental Hotels, Kempinski and Minor Hotels.

Govnd also played managerial roles at Kempinski Hotel in Seychelles and Dubai, Anantara Resort in Abu Dhabi and Bangkok, Avani Bangkok, Oaks Dubai, Kurumba Maldives and Oakwood Thailand, among others.

He completed his MBA from Suffolk University and also studied Hotel Management in India.

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