Nandini: New hospitality name at Dhanmondi

_A Monitor Report Date: 16 September, 2022

Dhaka : The capital does not have accommodation facilities in all areas. For instance, Dhanmondi used to lack such facilities until now. This September, a new name has been added to the hospitality industry. It is called Nandini at Mirpur Road, Sukrabad.
The hotel with a pure Bengali name - Nandini - has a capacity of 39 rooms, with Single, Double, and Large King size beds. Though the Manager, Tarek Ahmed was saying it is a boutique Hotel, I can recommend it as a three-star standard hotel.
Just like the name, it has a pure Bengali touch in its decor. However, the rooms could do more of this beautiful Bengali vibe.
The reception is quite spacious compared to the number of rooms and looks over Satranji, a local handicraft shop on one side and a Coffee shop on the other.
The Rooftop restaurant has the perfect feel of Bengali craftsmanship. It also has an open terrace with plants and pots around.
The restaurant serves Authentic Bengali food, alongside Thai and Chinese food. The menu says that it has the intention to match your pocket, a breakfast or a lunch truly gives the same feeling.
Nandini, gives you a good cozy feel with the rooms as well as the food.


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