Traditional Thai cuisine at Ruen Busaba

Date: 16 November, 2023

Dhaka : Thai-the one cuisine that has become a global favourite in the last few decades. It has earned great popularity mainly because of its unique taste and flavour. Bangladesh is no exception.

Earlier, it was only Dhaka that had a bunch of Thai restaurants spread around the city. In recent times, owing to the growing socio-economic shift in the country, non-local foods have earned quite a big name among the local food lovers. Thai food is the one of the most popular.

The latest addition to enrich Dhaka's restaurant scenario is Ruen Busaba located at House 2, Road 10, Block D, Banani. This place opened only a few months back, on July 28, to be precise.

Ruen Busaba's food is absolute Thai. It highlights the cuisines from the Thai province of Essan. Here, the sixty plus items menu has the usual segments of soups-n-starters-n-salads, main-n-sides-n-curries and, of course, drinks-n-desserts.

Shrimp/Fish Cake, Chicken Satay and RB Shrimp Spring Roll are few of their popular starters. These can be coupled with a variety of salads like Chicken Fried Namtok, Vermicelli Salad with Seafood, Som Tum etc.

Along with the global favourite Tom Yum Goong, Tom Kha Ghai soup is equally popular and delicious.

Getting to choose the mains is quite a task as this segment features an delectable array of beef, poultry, fish and, of course, seafood. A few of the stellar ones are Holy Basil with Beef, Spicy Grill Beef with Thai Herb sauce, Steamed Shrimp/Seabass with lime sauce, Steamed Seafood in Young Coconut etc.

Staples like rice, noodles, khasoi can be paired with curries like Green Curry, Chicken Massamman or Penang Lychee curry with beef/chicken or any from the many others in the menu.

A Thai menu is not complete without Sticky Rice with Mango as the dessert. Besides this delicious delight, there are also other typical Thai desserts like Custard Dimsum, Buoloy (gooey chocolate balls afloat on coconut milk) etc. These desserts are possibly Ruen Busaba's signature items as these are new additions to the city's Thai food scenario.

Two executive Chefs, one of whom is a Thai Iron Master Chef, has joined from Thailand to lead the kitchen brigade at this restaurant. The restaurant is spread over the ground floor that can accommodate more than 80 guests-any time between 1 pm to 11 pm.

It may be mentioned here that the unusual name-Ruen Busaba-means "House of Flowers for the Lords". The place emanates an aura of ancient Thai cultures and traditions. The interior is an array of intricate wood and stone carvings which reflects the country's history and lifestyle. Each of these is a uniquely ornate piece, depicting bits of history and heritage of the rich Kingdom of Thailand.

The interior is a beautiful combination of colours-both bright and muted.

  • -Asma Ali

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